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Class R --- The Alexander Technique practice
[Non-teaching issues including issues for trainees]

R.10         General professional issues (Establishing and maintaining the practice)
[Class here general promotional and administrative matters, charges and the like]

R.20         Specific professional issues
R.30         Employment rules and laws re practicing
[Class laws on practice in general in J.50]
R.40         Work experiences in new places [E.g. on practical issues re teaching in other countries]

R.42         International (e.g. ship cruises, tours)
R.43         United Kingdom and Ireland
R.44         European (except UK)
R.45         America
R.46         Middle East
R.47         Africa
R.48         Asia
R.49         Oceania (Australian and New Zealand, etc.)

R.50         Advertising, promotion, finding work
[This category is for paid-for advertisement although it can include announcements on, say, workshops provided free of charge by a newspaper. It is not always possible to tell whether a feature has been paid for. The promotion of the Techique in articles is classed in O. or under subject.]

R.52         General promotional issues; feedback on advertising
[Note: R.53-59 are advertisements incl. articles advertising workshops etc. Class discussions about advertisements in R.52 or R.10]
R.53         Advertising the Technique up to and including 1955
R.54         Advertising the Technique after 1955: for the general public
R.54.20         International (websites)
R.54.30         United Kingdom and Ireland
R.54.40         European (except UK)
R.54.50         America
R.54.60         Middle East
R.54.70         African
R.54.80         Asia
R.54.90         Oceania (Australian and New Zealand, etc.)

[Single items after 1955 are generally not entered, but grouped together chronologically]
[Include money-raising endeavours for projects within the respective categories]

R.55              Advertising the Technique after 1955: teachers and students of the Technique
R.55.20         International (e.g. Congresses)
R.55.30         United Kingdom
R.55.40         European (except UK)
R.55.50         America; R.55.53 USA.
R.55.60         Middle East
R.55.70         Africa
R.55.80         Asia
R.55.90         Oceania (Australian and New Zealand, etc.)
R.56              Advertising and information on teacher training courses and teaching institutions
R.56.20         International
R.56.30         United Kingdom
R.56.33         STAT
R.56.43         Northern Europe
R.56.43.30         Denmark
R.56.50         America; R.56.53 USA.
R.57              Advertising books, newsletters, videos (films), cassette tapes, etc.
R.57.20         International
R.57.30         United Kingdom and Ireland
R.57.40         European (except UK)
R.57.50         America; R.57.53 USA.
R.57.60         Middle East
R.57.70         Africa
R.57.80         Asia
R.57.90         Oceania (Australian and New Zealand, etc.)
R.58              Advertising and information on associations & trusts etc.
R.59              Advertising and information on other products produced by and for Alexander teachers (e.g. back and use-related furniture etc.)

R.70         Different work situations
R.80         Tax, pensions, insurance, sickness insurance, accounts

Class S --- Pictures
[Not in use yet - see Picture search page]

S.1      Portraits: F. M. Alexander
S.2      Portraits: Teachers of the Technique
S.3      Teaching the Technique
S.4      Animals
S.5      Humans in sculptures, paintings and drawings
S.6      Tribal people and village people
S.7      Humans doing sports and exercises
S.8      Humans in other activities, Posture in general
S.9      Other

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