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Class H --- Arts

H.10  Arts in general

H.12         Philosophy and theory (aesthetics, appreciation, criticism)

H.20  Arts in general and performing arts in general (when applicable to more than one of the categories below)

H.24         General vocal use and function [Class singing in H.42]
H.25         Movement
H.26         Audition and performance (stage fright)

H.30         Dramatic arts: theatre, film, television, circus, radio
H.40         Music, singing, opera

H.41         General on musical performance
H.42         Singing and opera
H.43         Traditions of music (Popular, Country, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Sacred)
H.44         Ensemble ( symphone, chamber ochestra, wind band, percussion bands)
H.45         Keyboard, mechanical, electronic, percussion instruments (piano)
H.46         Stringed instruments (violins, cellos, harps, guitars)
H.47         Wind instruments (flute, reed instruments, saxophones, brass)
H.49         Elements of music, composition
H.49.97     Lyrics on or with references to the Technique

H.50         Dance, folkdance, ballet, experimental dance, etc.
H.60         Fine arts and visual arts: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, graphics
H.70         Decorative arts: Architecture, decoration, landscape art, design
H.80         Literature

H.89.90         The Alexander Technique in literature
H.89.97         Artistic and humerous pieces on teaching and being taught

H.90         Other

Class I --- Exercises, sports, games and recreational activities
I.10      Fitness, sports and games activities in general
I.20      Special issues

I.22         Sports physiology
I.25         Physical education

I.30     Mental exercises, non-athletic (indoor) games and amusements (cards)
I.40     Activity and Exercises

I.42   Relaxation exercises
I.43   Warming up, stretching, etc. exercises
I.44   Postural and breathing exercises
I.45   Eastern and oriental systems: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga
I.46   Western systems: Delsarte, Feldenkrais, Eutony, Pilates [Class therapeutic message (e.g. Rolfing) in F.54.2]
I.47   Fitness classes, aerobic dancing, calisthenics, etc.
I.48   General work-out and gym machines
I.49   Other exercises

I.50   Gymnastics, track and field sports (athletics, running, weight-lifting,)
I.60   Ball games (tennis, rugby, cricket, baseball, hockey, golf)
I.70   Other sports and activities

I.72   Aquatic sports (swimming, rowing)
I.73   Combat sports (wrestling, fencing, boxing, martial arts)
I.74   Snow and ice sports
I.75   Cycling [Include cycling as recreation]
I.76   Motor sports (all motorised vehicles and airplanes)
I.77   Air sports (parachuting, handgliding)
I.78   Acrobatics and circus skills

I.80         Outdoor pursuits

I.82   Fishing, hunting, shooting
I.83   Equestrian sports and animal racing
I.84   Walking
I.85   Mountaineering
[Class camping and other travel in L.60]

I.90   Other

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