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The American Society for the Alexander Technique keeps a listing of their collection. Please see > Media relations > Bibliography (pdf) > Media relations > AT in the News

The American Center for the Alexander Technique in New York has their own collection. Please contact via

The Alexander Technique Archives contains the collection of papers by the late Frank P. Jones. It is located with the Dimon Institute, USA. Please contact via

The Australian Society of the Alexander Technique has a library for its members. Please contact via

The Swiss Society for the Alexander Technique also has an archive with books and videos. Please contact via

Private collections
Some individual teachers also have large collections. Please note that these collections are private and access is entirely at the discretion of the owner.

The Walter Carrington Archives
The collection of the late Walter Carrington is located with The Constructive Teaching Centre, London. Please contact via

Jean M. O. Fischer
The collection is located with Jean Fischer in London. Please contact via

Other resources
For other resources on the Alexander Technique please see Other links.

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