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Class O - The Alexander Technique in other context
[Class here references to the Technique without description or introduction, e.g. in interviews, memoirs, biographies, novels.]

O.30         Individuals using the Technique [Typically mentioning whether it helped them or not]
O.40         Businesses, institutions, and organisations using or wanting to use the Technique
O.50  The Technique mentioned in reports about law and national or state regulations
O.60  The Techique mentioned in newspapers and popular magazines [Class also here brief introductions – circa 100 words or less.]

NOTE: O.60 are not entered on the database but placed in folders in a box. Most other "O" items are entered and are found in ringbinder.]

O.63  In articles on health, beauty and posture matters (e.g. alternative health)
O.64  In articles on fitness matter (exercises, swimming, running etc.)
O.69  In other articles

Use standard geographical subcategories for O.6-

:-2            International
-3         United Kingdom and Ireland
[Reserve for future use: -3.40 England, -3.50 Wales, -3.60 Scotland, -3.70 Northern Ireland, -3.80 Other territories]
-3.90     Ireland
-4            European (except UK)
-4.30     Northern Europe: Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
-4.33     Denmark
-4.40     Central Europe: Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Poland
-4.50     Middle Europe: Belgium, France, Switzerland
-4.60     Italian Peninsula and adjacent islands: Italy
-4.70     Iberian Peninsula and adjacent islands: Spain
-4.80     Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine
-4.90            Southern and South-eastern Europe: Greece, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia Hercegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia
-5         America
-5.3       USA
-5.4       Canada
-6         Middle East and Arabian peninsula (Southwest Asia)
-7         Africa
-8         Asia and the Far East [Use -16 for Southwest Asia]
-8.30     East Asia: Japan and adjacent islands
-8.40     East Asia:China and adjacent islands
-8.50     Other East Asia: Korea
-8.60            Southeast Asia: Burma, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia
-8.70     South Asia: Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
-8.80     North and Central Asia: Siberia, Mongolia, Tibet, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan
-8.90     Other
-9         Oceania
-9.30     Australia
-9.40     New Zealand and other

O.80  The Technique mentioned in advertisements not advertising the Technique [Use R. for advertisements on the Technique]
O.90  Other

Class P - History [1]

[Class collections of letters, articles, notes, photos, unpublished & draft  manuscripts etc. in their respective categories in -.19. Class collections by an individual without a specific subject in P.33-37]

P.06         Collection and presentation of information
P.07         Methods of investigation and of research
P.20         History of the Technique
P.30         History of individuals and their work (incl. obituaries, reminiscences, biographies, profiles, autobiographies)

P.33         F. M. Alexander
P.34         F. M. Alexander’s friends [Class friends who are also pupils in P.36] and family
P.35         Teachers of the Technique
P.36         Pupils of the Technique [include students who do not qualify as teachers]
P.37         Other supporters of the Technique
P.38         Other of interest

P.40         History of specific events: Articles, papers, letters about a specific event.
[Class here S. A. Libel Action, Beaumont Alexander vs. 16 Ashley Place Case, etc.]

P.42         Concerning F. M. Alexander
P.43         Concerning teachers and the Technique in the U. K. and Ireland
P.43.32     The Little School
P.44         Concerning teachers and the Technique in Europe
P.45         Concerning teachers and the Technique in America
P.46         Concerning teachers and the Technique in Middle East
P.47         Concerning teachers and the Technique in Africa
P.47.32     South African Libel Case: Alexander vs. Jokl et al
P.48         Concerning teachers and the Technique in Asia
P.49         Concerning teachers and the Technique in Oceania

P.50         History of societies, associations, teacher training courses etc. of the Technique

P.53  U. K. or Ireland based societies, associations etc.

P.53.30         Teacher training courses
P.53.33         F. M. Alexander’s teacher training course

P.54  Other European based societies, associations etc.
P.55  American based societies, associations etc.
P.56  Middle East based societies, associations etc.
P.57  African based societies, associations etc.
P.58  Asian based societies, associations etc.
P.59  Oceaniac based societies, associations etc.

P. 70        The Technique as a historical event; the Technique in history
P. 80        History of use

[1] Class history of specific subjects under the subject, in -09. History is looking back at the past, recording events, perhaps reflecting on their causes and effects, and on the contemporary conditions that clarify and enrich these events.

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