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  The search will be for the exact phrase you type in, but
  • you can use upper or lower case letters
  • leave out leading articles such as 'a' or 'the' at the beginning
  • when searching for author/editor, you may have more hits using only surname (surnames are listed first, followed by comma and first name)

Limit to:

  • Books - contain only hardback and paperback books
  • Articles in books - contain Alexander Technique articles which have been published in books (e.g. congress papers)
  • Alexander Technique periodicals - contain Alexander Technique society newsletters, and dedicated Alexander Technique journals/magazines and all articles published in these
  • Other periodicals - contain articles on the Alexander Technique from other than Alexander Technique periodicals, e.g. newspapers
  • Other papers - booklets etc. - contain other bindings, unbound papers, and collection of papers which may consists of various bindings
  • Audio - video - contain tapes, CDs, DVDs
To alter your search criteria, use the backbutton on your browser. (Clicking ‘new search’ will delete existing search criteria.)

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