Classification: Exercises, sports and games
10 steps to healthy legsTania Alexander (auth) 0I.84
A jog that's less of a slogNone 1I.50
A new method of teaching skiingErik Bendix (auth/Teacher) 2I.74.16
About stoppingErik Bendix (auth/Teacher) 1I.74.16
Alexander and the art of runningAlan Combes (auth) 2I.50
Alexander principles and the martial artsAri Gil (auth/Teacher) 2I.45
Alexander Technique and fitnessPatrick Pearson (auth/teacher) 2I.0?
Alexander Technique and golf, The Patricia J. Gallup (auth) 0I.60
Alexander technique and riding, TheLesley Finn-Kelcey (auth/teacher) 6I.83
Alexander Technique and running, TheMalcolm Balk (auth/teacher) 2I.50
Alexander Technique and skiingLiz Dodgson (auth/teacher)63I.74
Alexander Technique and the cyclist, TheBarry Collins (auth/teacher) 3I.75
Alexander Technique and Yoga, TheKen Thompson (auth/teacher) 7I.45
Alexander technique benefits rowers Unknown (auth) 1I.0?
Alexander Technique instructor highlights the benefits for both horse and rider Unknown (auth) 1I.83
Alexander Technique swimmingRachel Loos (auth) 1I.72
Alexander Technique, classical piano and western riding, TheKate Vigneron (auth/teacher) 2I.83
Alexander Technique, The Unknown (auth) 0I.83
Alexander Technique, TheCarolyn Nicholls (auth/teacher) 1I.60
Alexander Technique, The - Balance in climbingCarolyn Nicholls (auth/teacher) 1I.85
Alexander Technique, The - Easy runningCarolyn Nicholls (auth/teacher) 1I.50
Alexander Technique, The - RidingCarolyn Nicholls (auth/teacher) 1I.83.18
Alexander the greatJoe Woodward (auth), Malcolm Balk (auth/Teacher) 2I.50
And in this cornerKarla Diamond (auth/teacher) 2I.73
Applying the Technique to weightliftingKathryn Moeller Miranda (auth/teacher) 2I.50
Aqua Development moves forward unsigned (auth) 1I.72
Aquaphobe to water baby at a few easy strokesMatthew Collins (auth) 1I.72
Are you sitting comfortably?Jean Clark (auth/teacher)22I.83
Arousal level and performanceDon Krim (auth/teacher) 2I.22
art of alpine skiing and the Alexander Technique, TheErik Bendix (auth/teacher) 3I.74
Ask yogiDr Malik (auth) 1I.45
ATM lesson (awareness through movement)David Hall (auth/teacher)15I.46z
Believing isn't seeingMissy Vineyard Ehrgood (auth/teacher) 4I.60
Benefits of being a packageMelanie Cable-Alexander (auth) 2I.83
Body and soleTony Durrant (auth) 1I.50
Body of knowledgeJim Harmon (auth) 2I.72
Body SenseSally Tottle (auth/Teacher) 4I.83
Body-mind therapies - A sensory based comparison of systemsAileen Crow (auth/teacher)14I.46
Bringing Alexander into cycle techniqueSue Fleming (auth/Teacher), Ursula Harries (auth)72I.75.17
Classical dressage, centered riding and the Alexander Technique - A conversation with Sally SwiftConstance Clare (auth/teacher) 2I.83
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