Classification: Arts
"I thought pain was part of the game"Shelagh Aitken (auth/Teacher)63H.41.17
'Thy fingers walk with gentle gait' - Reading the sonnetLawrence Bruce (auth/Teacher) 4H.24
7th InternationalConference for Alexander Teachers Working in Music Institutions and Privately with MusiciansJudith Kleinman (auth/Teacher)61H.40.17
A technique for musiciansFrank Pierce Jones (auth/Teacher)  H.41
A Workshop for and about MusiciansEvangeline Benedetti (auth/Teacher)18H.40
Abstract: The effect of lessons in the Alexander Technique on music performance in high and low stress situationsElizabeth R. Valentine (auth)41H.41.08
Accompanying AlexanderAlex Farkas (auth/teacher) 3H.41
Acting and inhibitionPaul Burge (auth/teacher) 5H.30
Acting and the Alexander TechniqueRichard Levine (auth/teacher) 2H.30
actor and the neutral state, TheJoan Diamond (auth/teacher)12H.30
actor in you, TheJohn A. Baron (auth/teacher) 4H.30
actor's response, AnJo Benincasa (auth) 2H.30.18
Aesthetic re-educationAlexander Farkas (auth) 6H.12
Alexander aid to actingDiana Dantes (auth) 0H.30
Alexander and the musicianElizabeth Waterhouse (auth/teacher) 4H.40
Alexander and voice workJanet Madelle Feindel (auth/teacher) 6H.24
Alexander anthem, AnNora Powles (auth), Powles (auth)31H.89.97
Alexander Directed for ActorsJanet Madelle Feindel (auth/Teacher)18H.30
Alexander in professional danceMichael Schumacher (auth) 1H.50
Alexander lesson, AnJean de Heger (auth) 1H.89.97
Alexander teachers at Russian dance festivalJamie McDowell (auth/Teacher)61H.50.17
Alexander Technique - The preparation and performance of music - A pianist's viewNelly Ben-or (auth/teacher)32H.45
Alexander Technique and autobiographical writing, TheJoan Diamond (auth/teacher) 79H.80
Alexander Technique and dance, ThePhyllis G. Richmond (auth/teacher) 10H.50
Alexander Technique and its relationship to voice and Shakespearean performance, TheRob Macdonald (auth/teacher) 10H.30
Alexander Technique and piano performance, ThePatricia J. Gallup (auth/teacher) 0H.45
Alexander Technique and the actor, TheJohn Gray (auth/teacher) 9H.30
Alexander Technique and the actor, TheMeade Andrews (auth/teacher), Saura Bartner (auth/teacher) 2H.30
Alexander Technique and the actor, TheMeade Andrews (auth/teacher), Saura Bartner (auth/teacher) 2H.30
Alexander Technique and the audition, TheChristine Suhr (auth/teacher) 1H.26
Alexander technique and the dancer, The - preventive care during activityPhyllis Richmond (auth/teacher)38H.50
Alexander Technique and the guitaristGeorge Clinton (auth) 3H.46
Alexander Technique for actors, TheKelly McEvenue (auth/teacher) 148H.30
Alexander Technique for musicians: research to date.Elizabeth R. Valentine (auth) 11H.41
Alexander Technique for performers (- Q & A)Dr Miriam A. Wohl (auth/teacher)42H.20
Alexander Technique in movement and dance improvisationElisabeth Molle (auth/teacher), Renate Wehner (auth/teacher) 2H.50
Alexander Technique in music departmentsJo Fisher (auth/teacher)63H.40
Alexander Technique in the preparation and performance of music, The + A pianist's thoughts on the Alexander TechniqueNelly Ben-or (auth/teacher) 21H.40
Alexander Technique provision 2004-2005 in UK music conservatoiresMalcolm Williamson (auth/teacher) 2H.40.15.08
Alexander Technique teacher's perspective on the new approach, AnJanet Pinder-Emery (auth)202H.46
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