Classification: Psychology
A first impression of managing relationships with Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingJoanna Sleight (auth/Teacher)61G.79.17
Alexander and psychotherapy - A personal experienceLouise Hérard (auth)62G.75
Alexander offers great relief from pain and tensionJonathan Sale (auth) 1G.66
Alexander Technique - Stressed? Moi? Well, a bitCarolyn Nicholls (auth/teacher) 1G.66
Alexander Technique and psychotherapy, TheJohn Naylor (auth/teacher) 6G.72
Alexander Technique and re-evaluation counselling - Parallel tools for self realizationElizabeth Huebner (auth/teacher) 0G.77
Alexander's view of psycho-analysisMarjory Barlow (auth/teacher) 3G.75
Alexander's view of psychoanalysisMarjory Alexander Barlow (auth/teacher) 4G.75
Balancing body and psycheDuncan Woodcock (auth/teacher) 5G.10?
basic error of psychology, TheMichael March (auth) 0G.10
Boundaries in the Alexander contextBrigitta Mowat (auth/teacher)63G.72
brief look at the relationship between the Alexander Technique and Stanley Keleman's formative psychology, ARuth Diamond (auth/teacher) 3G.79
Candace Pert - Biochemical parallels with ATKay S. Hooper (auth) 2G.33
Choosing to changeStacy E. Gehman (auth/teacher)29G.77
ConceptsLucia Walker (auth/teacher), Kevan Martin (auth) 18G.34
Concepts - Part one - Audio CDKevan Martin (auth), Lucia Walker (auth/teacher), Peter . Ruhrberg (ed/teacher) 0G.34
Concepts - Part two - Audio CDKevan Martin (auth), Lucia Walker (auth/teacher), Peter . Ruhrberg (ed/teacher) 0G.34
Continuum concept, TheJean Liedloff (auth)13G.66z
Creating new neurological pathways to find freedom from post traumatic stress disorderMary Gallagher (auth/teacher)33G.66
deeper significance of posture and movement, TheGrahame Fagg (auth) 4G.64
deeper significance of posture and movement, TheGrahame Fagg (auth) 4G.64
Do we cry because we grieve or do we grieve because we cry?Michael Johnson-Chase (auth)14G.71
Dreambody - Process oriented psychology and the Alexander TechniqueAileen Crow (auth/teacher)14G.75
EmotionsMary Cox (auth) 21G.77
Enneagram studies - The wheel of changeJeremy Chance (auth/teacher) 19G.98
Experiencing the psyche within the psychophysicalPamela Anderson (auth/teacher) 3G.70.18?
Extract from 'Controlling human behaviour'Daniel Starch (auth), Hasel M. et al. Stanton (auth) 1G.10
Extract: Lecture: The psychological significance of posturePeter Bull (auth)41G.64
false self, TheMark Arnold (auth/teacher)12G.10
Fascism and democracy in the human mindIsrael Charny (auth) 16G.00
Good fences make good neighborsJohn T. Maltsberger (auth) 10G.70
Good fences make good neighbors - An address to the international congress of teachers of the Alexander TechniqueJohn T. Maltsberger (auth/teacher) 5G.70
Habit and compulsionCharles A. Noble (auth/teacher)32G.75
Heal your body and free your mindNaomi Shragai (auth/Teacher) 2G.72
impact of psychotherapy and counselling on the Alexander Technique, TheBrigitta Mowat (auth/teacher) 9G.70.14
Inner voice plays role in self controlMalcolm Williamson (auth/Teacher)72G.34
Jung and Alexander - some interesting parallelsRobert M. Rickover (auth/teacher)14G.75
Jung and Alexander - The common groundNina Meyer (auth) 4G.75
Jung and Alexander - The common groundNina Meyer (auth) 3G.75
Language and movementKeith Hjortshoj (auth)25G.30
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