Classification: The human organism: fundamental human functions
(auth) 1E.75?
Adult relationships with childrenJean Shepard (auth/teacher) 5E.66
After thoughts on breath as postural processRon Dennis (auth/teacher) 1E.53?
AGM, The - A mid-life tributeMara Sokolsky (auth/teacher) 1E.68
Alexander and the mastery of habitEdward H. Owen (auth) 3E.75
Alexander teacher at conference on waterbirthIlana Machover (auth/teacher)41E.60.40.17
Alexander Technique unsigned (auth) 1E.64
Alexander Technique and childbirth, The - Reflections of an Alexander 'mom'Adele Packer (auth/teacher)25E.64
Alexander Technique and creativity, TheBridget Belgrave (auth/teacher) 2E.76
Alexander Technique and our changing experience of sexuality, TheChloe Stallibrass (auth/teacher)41E.63.08
Alexander Technique and postural reflexes, TheKathleen Ballard (auth/teacher) 5E.30
Alexander Technique and yoga for pregnancy. Pregnant and posturally challenged.Lisa Frascarelli (auth), Carolyn Nicholls (auth/teacher) 2E.64
Alexander Technique for pregnancy and childbirth, TheBrita Forsstrom (auth/teacher), Catherine Loke (auth)62E.60.4
Alexander Technique in diagnosis and treatment of craniomandibular disorders, TheStanley Knebelman (auth)32E.55.08
Alexander Technique in natural childbirth, TheIlana Machover (auth/teacher) 4E.64
Alexander Technique in pregnancy and childbirth, TheIlana Machover (auth/teacher) 6E.64
Alexander Technique, The Unknown (auth) 0E.64
Alexander Technique, The - HeadachesCarolyn Nicholls (auth/Teacher) 1E.42
Alexander Technique, The - Seeing straightCarolyn Nicholls (auth/teacher) 1E.42.18
Alexander Technique, The - TirednessCarolyn Nicholls (auth/teacher) 1E.52.18
Alexander way to eutokia, TheIlana Machover (auth/teacher)16E.64
Alexander's errorMichael Protzel (auth/teacher) 3E.30
Alexander’s Preterm BirthJennifer Kellow (auth/Teacher)115E.65
ambush of fear, TheElizabeth Langford (auth/teacher) 25E.77
Anatomy labDeborah Gladstein (auth/teacher) 1E.20
Anxiety and muscle tensionWilfred Barlow (auth/teacher) 25E.77
Anxiety and muscle tensionWilfred Barlow (auth/teacher) 21E.77
Anxiety and muscle tension-tension painWilfred Barlow (auth/teacher)1322E.77
Applying the Alexander Technique to children - excerpts from discussions held in 1984 unsigned (auth) 18E.66
Appreciation for TomatisKathryn Miranda (auth/teacher) 1E.43.18z
Are the ideas of Benjamin Libet relevant to the teachings of F. M. Alexander?Robert Dunsmuir (auth), Kathleen J. Ballard (auth/teacher) 24E.72
Attention and the Alexander TechniqueR. Allen Spanjer (auth/teacher)11E.72
back issue, TheJudith Eagle (auth) 2E.64
Balance and gravityTris Roberts (auth)27E.30
Balance as a function of intelligenceW. H. M. Carrington (auth/teacher) 12E.30
barrier of habit, TheJohn Dewey (auth) 4E.75
Basic Libet for the Alexander teacherSadru Thanawalla (auth/teacher) 3E.70
Be conscious to aid unconsciousnessSue Isaac (auth/teacher) 1E.52
Blessed helicity - The implications of spiral musculatureTroup H. Mathews (auth/teacher)17E.20
Body awareness in theory and practice - Part fourBruce I. Kodish (auth/teacher) 2E.20
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