Classification: Societies, trusts and institutions of the Technique
1989 AGMJohn Hunter (auth/teacher)22Q.33.25.17
1991 financial reportKevin Ahern (auth/teacher) 1Q.53.36
1991 NASTAT board elections NASTAT (auth) 1Q.53.84.04
1992 and all that - an updateHarvey Goodliffe (auth/teacher)12Q.24
1992 candidates for board of directors NASTAT (auth) 2Q.53.84
1992 NASTAT financial report, Proposed 1993 NASTAT budget NASTAT (auth) 1Q.53.36
1993 candiates for NASTAT board of directors NASTAT (auth) 1Q.53.84
1993 NASTAT budgetKevin Ahern (auth/teacher) 1Q.53.36
1993-1994 NASTAT annual report by the outgoing chairmanMichael Frederick (auth/teacher) 2Q.53.30
1994 AGM business agenda - Voting results NASTAT (auth) 2Q.53.84
1994 AGM questionnaire resultsJudy Stern (auth/teacher) 1Q.53.93
1994 candidates for Board of directors: Ron Dennis, Missy Vineyard, Steve Neeren, Rose Bronec, Eileen Troberman, Linda Gunter, Barbara ConableRon Dennis (auth/teacher), Missy Vineyard (auth/teacher), Steve et al. Neeren (auth/teacher) 5Q.53.84
1994 NASTAT financial report Unsigned (auth) 1Q.53.36
1994 NASTAT financial report unsigned (auth) 1Q.53.36
1994 NASTAT financial report as of 9/30/94 unsigned (auth) 1Q.53.36
1995 AGM business agenda - Voting results NASTAT (auth) 1Q.53.84
1995 AGM updateJill Geiger (auth/teacher) 1Q.53.53
1995 NASTAT financial reportDon Krim (auth/teacher) 1Q.22
1999 AGM opening addressBob Britton (auth/teacher) 2Q.53.30?
2005-2006 annual report AmSAT AmSAT (auth) 10Q.53.85
2005-2006 annual report AmSAT AmSAT (auth) 10Q.53.85
2006 STAT conferenceAnn James (auth/teacher)61Q.33.05
2007 AGMAndrea Fedele (auth/teacher), Lisa First (auth/teacher) 1Q.53.?
2007-2008 annual report AmSAT AmSAT (auth) 12Q.53.85
2008 AGM draft minutesAmSAT (auth/Teacher) 4Q.53.84
2009 AGM Draft MinutesRalph Zito (auth/Teacher), Frances Robertson (auth/Teacher) 6Q.53.84
2010 AGM: Looking toward diversityLisa First (auth/Teacher) 1Q.53.22
2010 AGM: Candidates for members-at-largeCouncil (auth) 1Q.53.22
2010 AGM: Reports and motions for the 2010 AGMCouncil (auth) 3Q.53.25
2010 AGM: The Alexander way of beingAida McGugan (auth/Teacher) 2Q.53.25
3rd International Congress, 1991, Engelberg, Switzerland - Reflections on coordinating the international congressesMichael Frederick (auth/teacher)41Q.28
4th International Congress program ? (auth) 0Q.28?
4th International Congress, Sydney 1994Elisabeth Waterhouse (auth/teacher)42Q.28
4th International Congress, Sydney 1994Jean Clark (auth/teacher)41Q.28
5th International Congress of the Alexander TechniqueOra Nelken (auth/teacher), Schmuel Nelken (auth/teacher), Rika Cohen (auth/teacher)41Q.29
6.99 Freiburg - The trainee and the banquetLouise Gauld (auth)22Q.29
8th International Congress of the Alexander Technique, Lugano, Switzerland. Opening Ceremony ProgramNone  Q.33.64
A new beginningFay Putnam (auth/Teacher) 1Q.53.44
AAW inspiringSue Holladay (auth/teacher)62Q.33.52
About STAT BooksJean M. O. Fischer (auth/teacher)31Q.33.34
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