Classification: Technology
Advanced drivingBarry Collins (auth/teacher)61L.59
Advice for Alexander teachers working in industryRobin Simmons (auth/teacher), Penny O'Connor (auth/teacher)42L.10?
Alexander Technique Coaching in the Victorinox CompanyPaul auf der Maur (auth/Teacher), Priska Gauger-Schelbert (auth/Teacher)111L.40
Alexander Technique in a factoryBetty Aboulafia (auth/teacher) 2L.42
Alexander Technique in a factory environmentBetty Aboulafia (auth/teacher)41L.42
Alexander Technique in CorporationsJosephine Gray (auth/Teacher)117L.82
Alexander Technique in corporations, TheJosephine Gray (auth/teacher) 3L.10
Alexander Technique, TheCharles Tully (auth/teacher) 1L.82
Alexander Technique, The - Carrying christmasCarolyn Nicholls (auth/teacher) 1L.55.18
Alexander Technique, The - Working stylesCarolyn Nicholls (auth/teacher) 1L.82.18
Are you sitting comfortably?Pearce Wright (auth) 1L.58
BackpackingGeorge Lister (auth/Teacher) 2L.60
Balacing act of high heels and healthAlice Hart-Davis (auth) 1L.54
choice for change, AMaureen Logan (auth) 2L.86
cutting edge, TheBryan Thompson (auth/teacher) 1L.53
Design for good use furnitureRobin Simmons (auth/teacher) 2L.58
Desk dangers - Stop misusing yourself in the officeLaura Kendall (auth), Michelle Cole (auth/teacher) 0L.82
Effects of the Alexander Technique on muscle activation during a computer-mouse task - Potential for reduction in repetitive strain injuriesElyse Shafarman (auth/teacher), Mark W. Geisler (auth/teacher) 1L.83.08
Eleven years at Hewlett Packard - 1997 to 2008Felicity Bryant (auth/Teacher)61L.82.15
Freedom to change ... jobs!Kate Kobak (auth/teacher) 2L.80
Good posture makes housework less tiringWinefride Jackson (auth) 1L.52
Handwriting and the Alexander TechniqueJonathan Drake (auth/teacher) 7L.57
Healthy staff mean healthy profitsOliver Gray (auth) 2L.80
Hot in her heels - How singer Chyna is helping women to walk tall and sexyJanelle Oswald (auth) 2L.54
Keeping your cool when the boss overheats - Inhibition in the workplaceRuth Rootberg (auth/teacher), April Sotura (auth) 2L.82
Leadership as movementDavid Horsman (auth/teacher)37L.86
Lecture: Chair design and use: Galen CranzLaura Klein (auth/teacher) 1L.58
Letter: Risk prevention at workMireia Mora I Griso (auth/Teacher)71L.40
Letter: Campaign for better seatingJane Staggs (auth/teacher)61L.58
Letter: The campaign for cinema seatsJane Staggs (auth/teacher)61L.58
Lie back and enjoy itKatherine Hadley (auth), Carole Fish (auth/teacher) 0L.60
Mr Alexander has a new technique for long lifeDavid Wainwright (auth) 1L.52
new generation of workers, TheJohn Hilton (auth) 4L.40
New initiatives, new lines - From end-gaining to the means-wherebyRonnie Lessem (auth), Sue Thame (auth/teacher) 9L.80
On the Alexander Technique and Mindful EatingShirley Wade Linton (auth/Teacher)61L.56
owner-built homestead, TheBarbara Kern (auth), Ken Kern (auth) 394L.60
pivotal role of the chair in the Alexander Technique, The - A reconsideration and a proposalGalen Cranz (auth/teacher) 2L.58
Primary control keeps porters' necks healthyAlexandra Mazek (auth/teacher)61L.70.20
question of lumbar support, TheRon Dennis (auth/teacher) 2L.58
radical view of sitting, ANicholas Brockbank (auth/teacher) 3L.58
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