Classification: Sociology and social issues
Action for educationSue Merry (auth/teacher)51J.80
Action for educationSue Merry (auth/teacher)61J.85
Action for education - Working with kindergarten childrenSue Merry (auth/teacher), Jo Fisher (auth/teacher)51J.84
Alexander and MontessoriNicola Hanefeld (auth/teacher) 4J.82
Alexander teachers' view of child-education, AnGrethe Laub (auth/teacher) 52J.80
Alexander Technique and the TV, video media, TheEugene Schlusser (auth) 3J.70
Alexander Technique brought to the workplace, TheCarolyn Simon (auth/teacher) 2J.87
Alexander Technique in a primary school, TheSally da Costa (auth/teacher)62J.85.40
Alexander Technique in schools - Part one - Audio CDJeannie Maclean (auth/teacher), Peter . Ruhrberg (ed/teacher) 0J.85.40
Alexander Technique in schools - Part two - Audio CDJeannie Maclean (auth/teacher), Peter . Ruhrberg (ed/teacher) 0J.85.40
Alexander Technique in the kindergarten, TheLaura Harwood (auth/teacher) 4J.84
An opportunity for an MA or MSc in further Alexander studiesStephanie Smith (auth/teacher)61J.86
Be here now - The Alexander Technique and concentrationAlexis Niki (auth/teacher) 3J.85
Bedrooms kicked out of officeAndrews Bibby (auth) 1J.50z
Beginning is Easy’Alexandra Mazek (auth/Teacher)210J.85
Black and whiteRiki Alexander (auth/teacher)23J.24.7
Body learning in the classroomJoan Frost (auth/teacher) 2J.85.40
Body learning in the classroom - RevisitedJoan Frost (auth/teacher) 2J.85.40
Bringing the Alexander Technique to children in state schoolsSue Thame (auth/teacher) 4J.85
Campaign launched to stop school days being such a painNone 1J.85.40
Changing the pattern of behavior - Outline of a therapy for criminal reformKenneth J. Maconochie (auth) 12J.60
Changing the pattern of behaviourKenneth J. Maconochie (auth) 0J.60
Child-centred educationNone 2J.85.40
Choice of habitJack Vinten Fenton (auth) 94J.85.20
Cool exercises for kidsNigel Summerley (auth) 0J.85
Crossing hemispheres - Forward and up with the rising sunRobin Gilmore (auth/teacher)23J.23
Cultural habits - How do we eliminate what appears to be so normal?Richard Brennan (auth/teacher)21J.24.7
Dialogue on race begins at AGMRiki Alexander (auth/teacher) 1J.24.70
Directions for the bodyDouglas Blane (auth) 1J.85.50
Educare small schoolSue Merry (auth/teacher)61J.84
Educare small schoolsSue Merry (auth/teacher)63J.85.40
Education without 'end-gaining'Irene Tasker (auth/teacher), Joyce Warrack (auth/teacher) 2J.80.17
Excerpts: Implication for education in the work of F. M. AlexanderAnn Mathews (auth/teacher)42J.85
F. Matthias Alexander Technique and its relation to education, TheI. G. Griffith (auth) 7J.80
Flexible friendsClare Garner (auth) 3J.80
Get'em young and they 're upright for lifeFrancesa Wolf (auth) 1J.80
history of educational Alexander projects after the little school, AJudith Kleinman (auth/teacher) 8J.85.09
Home educationMonika Barns (auth/teacher)61J.82
Home education - and end-gaining and getting it rightMonika Barns (auth/teacher)61J.82
In a New York public schoolMichele Arsenault (auth/teacher) 2J.85.40
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